What’s in this issue?

  • Oregon ACEP Board ballot
  • 2022 Winter Conference – Registration now open!
  • Legislative Update
  • November Peds Session
  • Resident Interesting Case Report (Page 2)
  • ACEP updates (Page 2)

Oregon ACEP Board of Directors ballot –

Please vote for your 2021 Term of Directors here – Ballot closes on 10/31/21.

Announcing our 2022 Winter Conference Keynote – Dr. Glaucomflecken

Oregon Opthamologist Will Flanary, aka Dr. Glaucomflecken, will be joining us to keynote the 2022 Oregon ACEP Winter Conference. More about our 2022 conference can be found here.

(To check out Dr. G’s comedy, visit his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/DGlaucomflecken)

2021 Oregon Legislative Update

OR-ACEP 2021 Session Wins Summary

For a more detailed description, see our larger summary

Wins on fair reimbursement, injury prevention and health equity represent wins for emergency physicians and the communities they serve.

  • Out-of-network (surprise) balance billing: HB 2042 fails to advance in a big win for emergency physicians. Reimbursement will default to the methodology in the federal “No Surprises Act,” which includes an independent dispute resolution processOR-ACEP strongly advocated for this outcome. EMTALA requirements and the state ban on balance billing have uniquely disadvantaged emergency medicine. OR-ACEP emergency medicine groups have reported reductions in contracts between 8 percent and 47 percent since March of 2018. This bill will level the playing field in contract negotiations and help to preserve the patient safety net, especially in rural areas.
  • Safe storage for guns: OR-ACEP supported SB 554, a landmark bill to keep guns out of the hands of kids and to prevent unintentional injury and death. 
  • CAWEM coverage for End Stage Renal Disease (ERSD) dialysis patients: Funding in the OHA budget bill will provide life-saving scheduled dialysis treatment for undocumented patients who otherwise must wait until their condition lands them in the ED. This coverage, combined with Cover All People (HB 3352) will help provide access to critical health services for Oregon’s uninsured population.

Pediatric Readiness – November CME session

The Pediatric Readiness Program is pleased to announce the November 11th 0800-0900 education session, The New and Nuanced Ways to Evaluate Fever in Infants Aged Less than 60 Days

REGISTER HERE: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the education session.

Presented by:Dr. Beech Burns, Emergency Department Medical Director, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

*Dr. Burns is a member of the Oregon ACEP Board – definitely don’t miss this!

Education Session Description: You will learn about the historical approach to the evaluation of young children with fever, and examine the evidence undergirding the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) clinical practice guideline for evaluating patients aged less than 60 days with fever. You will also learn about the practice implications of adopting the new guidelines. CME/CE available.

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