Founded in 1972, the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians has advocated ​on behalf of the​ board-certified Emergency Physicians working in the state of Oregon. We are a state-based chapter affiliated with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). We have approximately 500 members across the state of Oregon.

2023 – 2024 Board of Directors

Board President – Alex Skog, MD

Immediate Past-President – Chris Richards, MD, FACEP

President-Elect – Craig Rudy, MD

Secretary-Treasurer – Michelle Shaw, MD, FACEP

Chapter Executive – Sierra Acker, BS

Government Affairs Director- Katy King

Board Members:

  • Beech Burns, MD
  • David Lehrfeld, MD, FACEP
  • Fox Wade, DO, FACEP
  • Hans Notenboom, MD FACEP
  • Jim Jensen, MD, FACEP
  • Erin Burnham, MD, FACEP
  • Christian Smith, MD
  • Eli Klovee-Smith, MD
  • Brittany Arnold, MD
  • Samuel Kim, MD, FACEP
  • Jeremy Lynn, MD, FACEP
  • Justin Sales, MD, FACEP
  • Lindsay Ballard, MD
  • Patsy Chenpanas, MD
  • Alex Kaplan, MD
  • Evangeline Sokol, MD, FACEP (Hon.)
  • John Moorhead, MD, FACEP (Hon.)
  • Sharon Meieran, MD, FACEP (Hon.)
  • Chip O’Neal, MD (Sr. Resident Rep)
  • Miranda Brown, MD (Jr. Resident Rep)

Committees & Non-Voting Board Representatives

  • Current Committees:
    • Legislative, Chair –
    • Conference, Chair – Brittany Arnold, MD, FACEP
    • Finance, Chair – Michelle Shaw, MD
  • Interested in joining a committee? Any chapter member in good standing can join a committee.