The Oregon Chapter of ACEP proudly represents the professional interests of the hundreds of Emergency Physicians serving the state of Oregon.

The Oregon Chapter of the American College of Emergency Medicine is located in Portland, OR.

We know things are changing rapidly, but at the same time feeling like nothing has changed at all since 2020.

We’re tired too. We also want this to be over (really, really, badly).

But the best thing we can do is to stay on top of developments, keep masking when needed, and keep encouraging as many Oregonians as possible to get their vaccines.

Today is #EMSWeek Safety Tuesday – promoting the advancement of safety measures for the community and the profession. Taking the NAEMT EMS Safety course or nominating your EMS agency for the NAEMT-ACEP Safety in EMS Award are ways to honor your team.

Counterfeit pills laced with illegally manufactured fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, are flooding the Pacific Northwest. Unless a pharmacist directly hands you a prescription pill, assume it's counterfeit and contains fentanyl.

Get the facts about fentanyl:

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We hold an annual CME conference in January. If you attended in 2019 or 2020 and need CME forms, please use the contact form to reach us.