In a win for OR-ACEP, PPE inventory data will now be publicly available. Check to see where your hospital stands now.

The Oregon Health Authority has now published PPE data by hospital facility as recommended by the Workgroup on PPE Guidance for Non-Emergency and Elective Procedures. This data can be found on the fourth tab of the “hospital capacity” dashboard located here:!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19HospitalCapacity/BedAvailabilitybyRegion.

The Oregon Health Authority, which is in charge of the state’s public health response to COVID-19, convened a stakeholder workgroup in June to address the issues that OR-ACEP and other frontline providers raised. Dr. Strear and Katy King, the OR-ACEP government relations director, participated in the meetings along with the Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems and other provider organizations. The workgroup was able to develop consensus recommendations that help address OR-ACEP concerns on transparency, safety and accountability. Recommendations include:

  • Standardized dashboards for each hospital to promote transparency of the PPE inventory.
  • The establishment of a PPE Safety Committee at each hospital. This committee will review and verify data, including supply chain information, related to PPE — so you can see what is being reported to OHA and reconcile it with what you are experiencing in your emergency department. 
  • Accountability: Each hospital needs to be accountable for having the supplies they attest to having in order to meet the threshold to perform elective and non-urgent procedures and a process for addressing complaints about PPE safety.

The implementation of these recommendations will increase transparency and help protect the safety of emergency physicians and other frontline workers in Oregon during the COVID-19 pandemic. OR-ACEP President Mike McCaskill and President-Elect Chris Strear strongly encourage members to volunteer for their hospital’s safety committee.

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