How The ER Shaped Commissioner Sharon Meieran’s Mental Health Policies

OCEP Board Member, Dr. Sharon Meieran, talks about her own experience with mental illness and how that has shaped both the way she cares for patients in the and the reforms she spearheads in her role as a Multnomah County Commissioner.

OHA suspends the Oregon Common Credentialing Program (OCCP)

The OCCP, which was slated to ramp up a pilot program in July, has been suspended after Oregon Health Authority officials determined the cost and complexity were prohibitive. While the intent of the bill was to streamline the credentialing process, reduce the burden on practitioners and eliminate duplication, there were significant challenges that made it difficult to implement a cost effective program that would benefit all Oregon practitioners.

If the program had gone forward, participation by providers and credentialing organizations would have been required beginning November 5, 2018. About 55,000 practitioners would be subject to the program requirements and the assessment of a one-time provider fee of $150.

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From May: 2019 ACEP Legislative & Advocacy Conference

Members of OR ACEP with Senator Merkley’s staff member, Anthony Mitchell.

2019 Oregon ACEP President Samuel Kim, MD

Members of the Oregon team get ready to advocate on the Hill.

2018 LAC

The Oregon ACEP Legislative & Advocacy team had a wonderful trip to DC, with many productive conversations had with members of the US House & Senate.

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