During our pursuit of support for HB 4142 legislation, we shared stories from our members of workplace threats on nurses, physicians, and other ED team members. Sometimes these threats escalate into actual assaults, and we need your help to collect more data on the frequency and severity of those occurrences. This information can be kept anonymous, or you can include your contact information.

We will share the results of this survey with our strategic partners, such as the Oregon Emergency Nurses Association, the Oregon Medical Association, and ACEP National as well as with state & federal legislators to highlight the risks our members take every day just to care for their patients.

Articles & resources on workplace violence:

2018 Workplace Violence Survey

How much is workplace violence contributing to the great resignation in healthcare and what might be done to make clinicians feel more supported? https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/973832?src=#vp_1

Silence No More on ED Violence

“I have never felt less safe at work.”

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