“I’m not sure they’re dancing on the same floor.”
Lobbyist quip about the leadership negotiations for a transportation package.

News of the week: The Senate has reached a compromise on a paid sick leave bill. 

SB 454, which would require employers to provide workers with paid time due to illness of themselves or a family member, is expected to be scheduled for a work session later this week. This bill is a ‘go home’ bill for Democrats, who hold majorities in both chambers. http://www.oregonlive.com/business/index.ssf/2015/05/compromise_on_oregon_paid_sick.html

Transportation talks continue: Governor Brown convened another meeting of legislators from both parties to try to reach agreement on a transportation package. This is one of the ‘go home’ issues for the governor, however, there have been rumors of a special session in the event a deal can’t be reached before adjournment.

Big Bill of the Week: Ban on indoor e-cigarette use and sales to minors

The Governor signed House Bill 2546, which would make it illegal to "vape" indoors — including at bars, restaurants and workplaces — as of Jan. 1, 2016. The bill also makes the age limit for the sale of these inhalant delivery systems the same as tobacco products, making it illegal to sell them to minors. Oregon has joined 41 other states in their effort to outlaw businesses from selling vaporizers, nicotine liquid and other accessories to minors.

Policy Committees close June 5: This is the last day for policy committees to move measures that originated in the opposite chamber out of committee. The deadline does not apply to Ways & Means, Revenue, Rules and other joint committees. 

Upcoming Work Sessions 

SB 874, adrenal insufficiency, is up for a work session in House Health on Friday, May 29. At the request of the Senate Health Care Committee Chair, OCEP worked on amendments. The new version of the bill (A-Engrossed) removes the requirements that establish medical protocols in EDs. Instead, the Oregon Health Authority will identify informational materials and distribute them to hospitals and emergency provider associations. Proponents of the original bill want to strip the new provision out. OCEP, OAHHS and the Fire Chiefs Association lobbyists testified in opposition of this proposal at the public hearing on Wednesday, May 20. Meetings with House Health Care committee members took place this week to educate them on the bill. Chair Greenlick has said he will not adopt the proposed amendments.

SB 71, requires pharmacies to electronically report to Oregon Health Authority information under prescription monitoring program not later than 72 hours after dispensing prescription drug, is up for a work session on June 1.


Thing to Know: What’s a conference committee?

If one chamber refuses to concur with amendments to a bill passed by the other chamber, leadership appoints a conference committee. The committee usually consists of two or three members of each house see if they can prepare a bill that will be acceptable to both houses. If no agreement is reached, the bill dies.

For more information about the legislative process, please contact Katy King.

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