Quote of the Week “Whether the issue was something like scope of practice or drug addiction or any number of other topics the only thing that mattered was, “Will this help people?" and, "Is it the right way to do it?”
State Senator Jeff Kruse reminiscing about Sen. Alan Bates. The State Senate memorialized Sen. Bates this week with SCR 7*

The Big Deal (still) this Week:  The American Health Care Act (Repeal and Replace ACA)

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report this week on the impact of the AHCA. The CBO estimated the bill would result in 14 million fewer people being insured with the number rising to 24 million more uninsured in a decade. The CBO would also reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion over a decade. Congressman Greg Walden, the chair of the Energy and Commerce committee with oversight over this issue, described this as a first step to reduce costs and extend flexibility to states in the form of block grants. Other bills will be forthcoming to “roll back red tape, free markets and empower consumers.” http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/news/2017/03/14/walden-cbo-didnt-fully-analyze-republicans-health.html?ana=e_ptl_hc&u=0tjsdH0fvHl7mz%2BJBZ%2BkoA0ce731a9&t=1489793983&j=77650031

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released a report on March 16 that found the proposed bill would triple Oregon’s uninsured rate with as many as 465,000 losing coverage. http://www.opb.org/news/article/healthcare-aca-obamacare-oregon-governor-brown-kate/

The House of Representatives will vote on the bill Thursday, March 23. If passed, it will head to the Senate where it’s not expected to advance in it’s current form.

News of the Week

CBO Report on House ACA repeal: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/cbo-gop-obamacare-repeal-plan-236007

As CBO Releases Report, Oregonians Rally In Support Of Affordable Care Act http://www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-affordable-care-act-support-cbo/

OHA puts forward a bill to require ED data reporting: https://www.thelundreport.org/content/state-wants-hospitals-report-better-er-data-hospitals-resist-mandate

Bill Watch: SB 793 and HB 2397 Fair Prices for Pharmaceuticals

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Rep. Rob Nosse are working in their respective chambers to regulate pricing for prescription drugs. HB 2387 is up for a work session on Wednesday.  https://www.thelundreport.org/content/steiner-hayward-sponsors-senate-bill-regulate-drug-prices

Health-Related Bill hearings and other activities 

Monday, March 20

HB 2306: Fitness to proceed Work Session


HB 2307: Evaluations on the issue of insanity


HB 2308: Credit for time served


HB 2309 Forensic evaluations of criminal defendants


SB 833, Required hospital referral of patient to peer support programs


SB 860 DCBS mental health parity investigations


HB 2114 7-day limit on initial Rx for opioids


HB 3135: Medical assistance coverage of long-acting reversible contraceptive devices during hospital stay for deliver.


Tuesday, March 21

HB 2401 Trauma-informed training for child welfare personnel. 


HB 3261 Uniform application for health care provider financial incentive programs


HB 3178: Tax on inhalant-form nicotine. Public Hearing


Wednesday, March 22

2319: Creates Mental Health Regulatory Agency


HB 2387 Prescription Drug pricing


Thursday, March 23

SB 784 Requires insurers to reimburse out-of-network women’s health care providers at same rate as in-network providers.


SB 786: Telehealth


Friday, March 24

HB 3276: Requires health benefit plan coverage of health services during a disease outbreak or epidemic. 


Legislative Session 101: Concurrent Resolutions

A concurrent resolution (both chambers) is used to express sympathy, commendation or to commemorate the dead. This week the Senate commemorated the late Sen. (Doc) Alan Bates with SCR 7: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SCR7/Introduced


For more information about the legislative process, please contact Katy King.

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