“This is like dead week in college.”
Sen. Brian Boquist, chair of the Senate Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee sums up the atmosphere in the Capitol Building.

The Big Deal this Week

Deadline for Committees to Hold Work Sessions on First Chamber Measures 

April 18 – This is the last day for policy committees to move measures introduced in their chamber (i.e. Senate bills in the Senate, House bills in the House) out of committee. The deadline does not apply to Ways & Means, Revenue, Rules, and other joint committees.

Bill Watch

HB 2339, which bans balance billing by tying out-of-network provider reimbursement to medicare for non-emergency care and to a federal CMS formula for emergency care, passed the House on a 35-22 vote. This bill was strongly opposed by OMA, OR-ACEP and other professional associations for physicians. The bill now heads to the Senate. 


HB 2122 CCO Reform, passes House Health Care Committee on a partisan vote. The amended bill requires new CCOs to be 501c, grandfathers existing ones, requires all governance meetings under public meeting laws except for exec session, requires CCOs to spend reserves on behalf of community health improvement plans and social determinants of health. The bill will go into effect in 2019.

HB 3555, psychologist prescribing, passed the House Health Care Committee on unanimous vote. The committee adopted amendments which would increase clinical training from 2 months to 12 and increase membership on the oversight committee from 7-9 members, including an increase by one (to four) physicians and decrease by one the number of psychologists (to three), with one pharmacologist and one consumer. The bill now heads to Ways and Means. This bill is strongly opposed by OMA, Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association and other professional associations for physicians.

SB 934, investments in primary care, is up for a work session on Tuesday, April 18. Amendments to refine the proposal are still in Legislative Counsel. 

News of the Week

Oregon budget hangs on May Revenue Forecast


Rep. Buehler contests ethics charge


Congressional members receive an earful at town halls 


Health-Related Bill hearings and other activities

PH (Public Hearing) WS (Work Session and committee vote)

Status Report: Bills still in play 

HB 2306, HB 2308, OHA Aid and Assist Bills (WS)

SB 2387 Price thresholds on Rx(WS)

HB 2524 OHA Loans to hospitals for primary care residencies WS (Revenue)

HB 3262 Psychotropic medications WS

SB 2 Distracted driving WS

HB 2597 Distracted driving WS

HB 2644 Vitamin K PH/WS

SB 860 DCBS investigations for mental health parity WS

HB 2300 Cost of mental health drugs for OHP patients WS

HB 2302 CCO reports on total medical costs allowed to primary care WS

HB 2408 SBHC investments/access to trauma-informed approaches WS

HB 2897 Prohibits denial of reimbursement for covered services b/c provided by OON provider WS

HB 3085 Health Care WorkForce Fund WS

SB 215 Rare disease registry and orders WS 

HB 2836 Study of integrated and coordinated health care for OHP PH/WS

HB 3261 Provider incentives/uniform application for programs WS

HB 3355 Psychologist prescribing WS

HB 3391 Reproductive health equity WS

HB 3080 Health Care Workforce WS (sent to Revenue)

HB 2122 CCO Reform WS

HB 3352 Evaluation of behavioral health services for children WS (sent to Ways and Means)

Note: Bills in revenue, rules and ways and means committee remain in play until sine die.

Scheduled for a public hearing/work session 

Monday, April 17

HB 3135 OHP coverage of long-acting, reversible contraceptives post-labor/delivery

HB 3090 ED release guidelines WS

HB 3091 Continuity of care for patients in behavioral health crisis WS

HB 2518 PDMP/Naloxone reporting WS

HB 3440 Opioid Task Force/OHA Guidelines for PDMP to monitor prescribing practices WS

SB 868 Extreme risk protection orders PH/WS

SB 48 Continuing education for suicide risk WS

SB 49 Aid and Assist WS

SB 833 Referral to peer-support services WS *amendments forthcoming

SB 944 Behavioral Health Advisory Council WS

HB 3418 Ties provider reimbursement for PEBB members to Medicare WS

Tuesday, April 18

HB 3063 Housing for people with mental illness WS

HB 2129 Wrongful death PH/WS

SB 934 Investments in Primary Care WS

SB 1054 Certificate of Need for psychiatric hospitals PH/WS

SB 793 RX price reporting WS

SB 233 CCO reform WS

SB 235 Retail tobacco licensure WS

SB 808 Newborn Screening WS


Thursday, April 20

SB 1046 Health Care for All Oregon Board PH



HB 270 Opioid RX Limits WS (This was being held as a placeholder/no longer needed.)

SB 914 Prohibits mandating immunizations as condition of employment WS

HB 2620 Assault on hospital workers WS (Bill held by order of the Speaker.)


Thing to Know: Firearms in the Capitol

On Monday, April 18, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold public hearings and work sessions on several gun-related bills. Some members of the public will be openly carrying and per standard procedure, there will be an increased presence of uniformed police. Per ORS 166.370(3)(d), it is legal to carry firearms (both concealed and open carry) in the Capitol building and on the grounds, provided the carrier has an Oregon concealed handgun license (CHL). 


For more information about the legislative process, please contact Katy King.

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